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Survivor To Embark On 2016 Fall Tour

Survivor To Embark On 2016 Fall Tour

Legendary American rock band Survivor will be setting out on a 2016 Fall tour run! Dates below: 10/23…

Survivor Signs With Monterey International For Booking Representation

Survivor Signs With Monterey International For Booking Representation

Survivor is excited to announce that they have signed with Chicago-based Monterey International for worldwide booking representation. Look…

Survivor Announces Nationwide Run Of Dates In 2016

Survivor Announces Nationwide Run of Dates in 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 7, 2016) – Grammy® award winners Survivor are ready for their biggest year to date with…

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Hello All...!
Well, we are two days away from the 35th Anniversary of the release of "The Eye Of The Tiger" single. Who would have ever thought that our song would top the charts. Maybe we were not aware if it would even chart. As silly as that may be, such is the mindset of a musician and a writer with a cause and task at hand. And to now have our song transcend so strongly into a whole new generation of fans? It is amazing to stand in these shoes. It is all due to you, our fans. You've always been there and I appreciate every single letter I have ever received regarding how "Tiger" has had a positive effect on a life. We know it is awesome to be a part of The Rocky Story. That is an amazing story about many things, most of all love. "The Eye Of The Tiger" moved Sylvester Stallone enough for him to give a new band the opportunity to see what we could bring to the table.
When that opportunity knocked Jim and I went to work on it the next day... We worked hard, wrote two songs and sent them off to Sly Stallone. And look at where we have arrived. And I mean all of us, you guys included. The man who gave us the opportunity, the owner of our record label, Tony Scotti, who was and remains very good friends with Stallone, made the call. Another label executive would not have the chance to do the same or may not have had the balls! For far too long Tony and Ben Scotti have been overlooked and not credited. Thanks to The Scotti Bros for the opportunity and belief in us the years prior to and for sticking with us for the long haul.
I am going to be writing about this much in the days to come. It is history for us. It is history for me. The after effects have been amazing and we only intend on once again running the course.
I found out yesterday we have a #1 Record, "The Eye Of The Tiger" in a country more than halfway around the globe! Then I heard more. This week has been amazing talking to so many different folk's out there in the press, some of them were there at the time and some were yet to be conceived. They have blessed us too by joining the ranks of loyal "Survivor" Fans... Thank you all so very much for all the years and all the stories that come full circle to what the STATS now speak loudly about when it comes to the song.
Stay Tuned... more to follow.
Wow Man! How amazing is it to have that song resonate with so many of you all... Thank you so kindly.
Frankie s
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